Ștefan Câlția. Glăjărie, The Discovery of a Craft

The peasant farm means a return to the old times, it represents rediscovering another world of artistic lands, of glass processing hand-blown, with a slow dynamic over time, hardly perceptible today; have techniques and gestures, knowledge and beliefs have been passed down for centuries, so that an impressive professional universe took shape which was inevitably linked to the peasant world to which it was addressed.
(Dr. Ligia Fulga)

Author text introduction – Dora Vidrighin
Interviews with Dan Bordianu, Ștefan Câlția and Dora Vidrighin

The Ștefan Câltia Foundation, Artep Gallery, Iași, 2021
Printed and bound in Romania at Printco, Iași
30 pages, Hardcover

160 lei

Livrare: 3-5 zile lucrătoare
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